Interdimensional Space

staring into space
wondering what awaits
in this world
but it's been explored already
there's nothing left for me here

i wake up everday
same routine
always feeling nothing
always feeling like im missing something

just take your time
but you have to rush
just be yourself
but conform to us

I just want to sing.
I just want to be me.

Who am I writing these for?
Is it you?
Inspecting the elements of our world?
Or is it another? My true love?

the loneliness paralyzes me
i think back on all i've done

am i human?
am i just a simulated being?
how would i know?

someday I'd like to travel
amongst the stars
by the sins of the world
that weigh me down

someday I'd like to travel
through interdimensional space
experiencing all that there is
everything unexplored
the last frontier
of the free spirit
the free willed soul
and maybe then

I'd prove my worth.